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Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Arts)

Theatre Arts at Curtin is taught by practising theatre professionals who specialise in performance, directing, writing and design. Theatre and performance practice involves a variety of roles both in front of and behind the stage or screen.

Students in this course are given many opportunities to audition for and participate in public theatre productions with the on-campus Hayman Theatre Company. Each year ends with a major production of a new play by a Western Australian playwright that provides Theatre Arts students the opportunity to work with three professional artists-in-residence (a director, a playwright and a designer) on the production in a professional venue. In addition to these major productions students also present and manage weekly Lunchtime and Sunday Night Theatre programs.

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Arts and Commerce double degree

Studying for two degrees at once means you’ll graduate with double the qualifications, but it won’t take you double the time.

A double degree will increase your skills and knowledge across two different learning areas and gives you more career opportunities and choices. You’ll study units from both courses, but the condensed program structure means it may take only a year longer than a single degree.

You can choose to study a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Arts) with a Bachelor of Commerce to create your double degree.

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