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Meet our former Patron and currently Adjunct Senior Creative Fellow, Kate Mulvany


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Theatre Arts at Curtin has produced many successful theatre professionals, successful local theatre actors and playwrights.

Film and television performers

Mandy McElhinney [photo credit: Sally Flegg]
Mandy McElhinney [photo credit: Sally Flegg]

Local theatre actors

  • Michael Loney
  • Caroline Mackenzie
  • Gibson Nolte
  • James Sollis


Curtin graduate Kate Mulvaney
Kate Mulvany [photo: Carole Kerr]


  • Shidan Majidi, Cameron Mackintosh Organisation
  • Simon James, Director, Arena Theatre Company
  • Adam Mitchell, Associate Director, Black Swan Theatre Company

Other Hayman graduates are prominent on the boards of local theatre companies and on the committees of theatrical organisations.