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Sunday Night Theatre

Sunday Night Theatre at Curtin

For over 40 years Sunday Theatre Night at Curtin has been presented by Theatre Arts and the Hayman Theatre Company. Each Sunday 2 short plays are produced and presented by the students of Theatre Arts.
The 2024 Sunday Night Theatre ‘Autumn’ program includes comedies, new works and contemporary drama.


Sunday 10 March, 7pm


By Paige Flatt.

Life’s unfair grip tightens on Rosalie, a girl aware she’s on borrowed time. How can she accept the inevitable? Join Rosalie, her mother, and her medical team in the emotional journey through their grief.

Directed by Paige Flatt

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Sunday 10 & 17 March, 7pm


By Kiki.

eXpansion is a surrealist piece that expresses the hardship someone might go through when they try to suppress hurtful memories, emotions, or feelings. When the protective part of the mind doesn’t want to face these traumas it’s up to the reasonable conscious to do everything it can so they can all move on.

Directed by Adam Gannon

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Sunday 17 March, 7pm


By Ciedele Mezger.

In a dimly lit 1920s speakeasy, anything can happen. And the show is about to begin… Following the singer’s untimely curtain call, a detective turns to investigating the four closest to her.

Directed by Ciedele Mezger

skull & qs

Sunday 21 April, 7pm


By Lizzy Ellis.

We all fear things. Some fears are healthy, but what does it look like when someone lives in chronic fear of the unknown? Through physical theatre, Mind Games delves straight into the mind of Pip, who constantly battles the game of ‘what if?’

Directed by Lizzy Ellis

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Sunday 21 & 28 April, 7pm


By Lloyd Ward.

Kill the Director is a romantic comedy inspired psychological horror that follows an asexual aromantic person as the protagonist of a rom-com. Set on the rom-com film set, the Director runs into some difficulty with one of his actors.

Directed by Lloyd Ward

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Sunday 28 April & 5 May, 7pm


By Tom Tasovac.

All That We Have Time For is a dramedy that examines truth, power, and connection, all inside the studio of a 7 o’clock news program, providing an insight into what occurs both on and off the air.

Directed by Tom Tasovac

horse skull

Sunday 5 & 12 May, 7pm


By Tom Cartwright.

Good Fella is the unlikely pairing of two wannabe gangsters who are tasked with finding, killing and then decapitating a horse, in order to send a message to a rival mobster.

Directed by Tom Cartwright


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Sunday 12 May, 7pm


by Keith Passmore.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling theatrical experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Apparitions is a gripping supernatural one-act drama that will transport you into the world where the line between reality and the unknown blurs.

Directed by Ognjana Kovincic