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Curtin University
Hayman Theatre

Current Productions

12 Strings and the Scale of Things


Tuesday 1 – Saturday 5 August 2017 at the New Hayman Theatre

Take twelve brave souls, six body parts, four metres of Giant, three kilometres of rope, two strong hearts, and one thread in common. Tie it all together. Shake vigorously, caress lovingly and infuse with humour until cohesive. The result will be sublime.

Twelve Strings and The Scale of Things is a devised work exploring the most primary of emotions: fear, courage, and love. Blending puppetry, visual theatre and live music, twelve people tell a story of rising in the face of fear. Directed by Rebecca Bradley, incorporating the design and making genius of Leon Hendroff, and made with the support of Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Twelve Strings will draw you in and elevate your spirit.

Dates and times:
Opening Tuesday 1 August, 7pm
Wednesday 2 August, 7pm
Thursday 3 August, 7pm
Friday 4 August, 7pm
Saturday 5 August, 7pm

Venue: The New Hayman Theatre, Building 302, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley

Tickets: All tickets are $15. Book your tickets here.


Sunday Night Theatre


Sundays 13 August – 22 October 2017 at the New Hayman Theatre

Two short plays for $10. First show starts at 7pm

Sunday 13 August
Written and directed by Sally Davies
A musical play about how sometimes a story is better than the truth, and most things are better than facing the future.

Sunday 13 and 20 August
By Sarah Kane. Directed by Ming Yang Lim
Walking the line of life and death 4.48 Psychosis delves into the world of a person's mind going through depression. The play discusses the themes of suicidal depression, self-harm, isolationism and love through lyrical ballads and dialogue expressed through deep pain and suffering.

Sunday 20 August
By Laura Lundgren Smith. Directed by Annabelle Eirth
'Dark Road' explores the life of a German Nazi guard after World War II. Approaching her execution she engages in an interview that reveals her journey to becoming guard in the Nazi prison camps. This raw and gritty play unveils the ugliness of humanity, and those that value the idea of 'being human.' It opens up a shocking reality that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Sunday 10 September
Written and directed by Terence Smith
A distant calling rings in your ear, who is it and what do they want you to hear? This is the untold story of people like you and me, experiencing life at a different frequency...

Sunday 10 and 17 September
Written and directed by Samuel Ireland
Someone awakens, disorientated, in a dark room full of keys hanging from the ceiling, with a locked door in the corner. They hear breathing.

Sunday 17 September
Written and directed by Jack Wilson
What's your favourite scary movie? Well Who's Next? is going to try and show them all in a 40 minute extravaganza of slasher movie horror.

Sunday 22 October
Written and directed by Maddy Mullins
On an unending solo circuit through the asteroids, two can be company but three is definitely a crowd. The paths of human beings aren't as predictable as planetary orbits

Venue: The New Hayman Theatre, Building 302, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley

Tickets: All tickets are $10. Book your tickets here.